Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Advocacy in mental health an Anotated bibilography of research Essay

Advocacy in mental health an Anotated bibilography of research articles which influence policy change - Essay Example Precisely, this paper will give an account of all the research done on the subject of mental health summarizing the main arguments, points, as well as scope of each source while evaluating them on their merits and making comparisons. This article voices its advocacy in the field of mental health by examining the consequences of deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan on the mental health of the UK armed forces through a cohort study following the increased concerns over the possible psychological effects of continued exposure to combat as well as successive deployments on service men and women. This study establishes that the UK service men and women are more likely to present with symptoms of common mental disorders as well as alcohol misuse than they are with symptoms of probable post-traumatic stress disorders (Fear 1783). More so, this study indicates that the overall incidence of mental disorder in the UK service men and women remained constant between 2003 and 2009, despite the prolonged deployments to Afghanistan as well as Iraq in the same period, thereby underscoring the fact that the mental health of UK army personnel has not changed. These findings are extremely reassuring especially in the context of the anticipated tidal wave of mental health complications as a result of increased deployments and prolonged exposure to combat. The research methodology data utilized in this research is not only objective but also valid since it is obtained and analyzed through empirical research methods and it is appropriate to the topic because it is based on a sample population from the UK cohort study. This research is very helpful to policy in mental health in particular since it informs or shapes argument regarding army deployments and levels of exposure of service men to combat, besides underscoring the significance of regular health surveillance in the UK military personnel. For instance, this

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