Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Weekly progress report Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Weekly progress report - Coursework Example I also spent another 2 days in reading the research paper written by Ibrahim Kushchu, International University of Japan (p. 2- 12). The research paper offers a brief insight over the e-government and m-government along with stating the overall significance and applications of m-government in different countries. This reading will help me in the literature review especially in stating the shift from e-government to m-government and highlighting the importance and relevance of m-government in the social environment. I have not read the entire paper as I just wanted to have an overview of m-government that will be further strengthened as I proceed further with the literature review part I spent 2 more days in searching more articles over the internet on m-government and went through the article published on the website of Mobile Government Consortium International offering an understanding over the m-government In the coming week, I will write the research aim and objectives along with stating the research questions. This will take 2-3 hours of time based on the understanding of the research topic. At the same time, I will go through the research paper based on the adoption of m-government services in developing countries published by International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Research. This will take 2 days of time and will help me in strengthening my knowledge over the importance and relevance of m-government. This will also help me in the literature review chapter I will also search few articles on importance and introduction of m-government in Oman. This will take maximum 2 days of time including searching and a bit of reading. This will help me in forming a perspective over the pros and cons and acceptance and resistance for m-government in the context of Oman. If time permits, I will also form an understanding over the actual applications and advantages of m-government over the e-government in the context of

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