Friday, March 6, 2020

Learn the Italian Word Quando

Learn the Italian Word Quando The English translations of quando are:  when,  once, and after. If you want to be able to ask â€Å"when† something is happening in Italian, you’re going to have to get cozy with the word â€Å"quando†. Below are a handful of examples to help you become familiar with how and â€Å"when† to use â€Å"quando†. Esempi Quando parti per l’Italia? - When do you leave for Italy? (informal)Quando torni dall’Italia? - When do you return from Italy? (informal)Quando inizia il film? - When does the movie start?Quando à ¨ il compleanno di Giulia? - When is Giulia’s birthday?Chiamami quando torni. - Call me when you return. (informal)Arrivo da te quando ho finito di lavorare/col lavoro. - I’ll come over to your house once I’m done with work. (informal)Ci vediamo stasera quando arrivi. - We’ll see each other tonight after you arrive. (informal) Common Expressions Di quando in quando - SometimesQuando vuoi - Whenever you wantQuando mai? - Since when? Pop Culture Reference Quando, quando, quando - Tony Renis

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